What you need to know to sell coins in San Diego.

Selling coins in San Diego can bring you a little or a lot of reward. It depends on where you do and how much information you have about your coins. Most San Diego coin buyers buy gold coins, silver coins, collectible coins and rare coins, however, prices paid from one coin dealer in San Diego to the next can vary and sometimes significantly.

selling coins
selling coins

If you want to get the most cash for coins in San Diego you should do a little homework. First, find out what type of coins you have.

  • Are they American Coins?
  • Are they foreign Coins?

Once you know whether your coins are US coins or foreign coins you should call around to San Diego coin shops to see if they buy only American coins or they also buy foreign coins.
The reason for that is because a lot of San Diego coin dealers do not know about foreign coins or specialize in one segment or other and will not pay you top cash for coins in San Diego for coins that they are not familiar with.

Second, if you have the time to research your coins, this is always a good idea. Specially if your coins are rare coins, collectible coins or if they have any peculiarities such as mistakes when they were struck which can make them rare and very valuable.

You can also check to see how many of your particular coin was produced in a given year using online resources or apps you can download about coins (mostly for free). You can also buy coin books that have the editions and values for your coins and give yourself an education in study of coins and coin grading (also called numismatics).

As you go out from coins buyer to coin buyer you will see that the offers you get for your coins can vary significantly sometimes. If you have a rare coin such as one with a double strike (a defect that makes the coin rarer) then some San Diego coin shops may not notice that at all while others may bring it to your attention.

If you are looking for local coin shops or coins shops near me, make sure that coin shop has the expertise that you require. Just because they are local coins shops or coin shops “near me” it doesn’t mean you get the best value for your coins. The best place to sell coins in San Diego is the coin dealers that pay you the most for your coins, not just coin shops that may be near you or local to you.

San Diego coin shops are not that far from each other so if you drive another 10 or 15 minutes you may be able to get a lot more for your coins. Selling Coins in San Diego is Easy.